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Fireslayers Magmadroth spam in the next Battletome !

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Hello everyone !!

Today gw tease us a new Subfaction: the Lofnir!

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This is one of the 4 sub-factions presents in the next book. like other AOS3 battle tome Subfaction are much more minimalist than before. Each one gains a small ability and one unit become Battleline.

Lofnir focus on Magmadroth grant you :
+2 wounds (from 16 to 18 wounds) on all Magmadroth it's neat considering you they have a 4+ sv a can have a ward. Also, each wound still does an MW on a 4+.

Also up to 3, Magmadroths can get a trait mount (there are only 3 in the book anyway and each one must have one different) The 3 options are: reduce dmg by 1, +3mw on stomp rampage, always min 5shot on the ranged attacks.

Lastly, Auric Runeson on Magmadroth become Battleline...So you could have 3 auric Runeson and one Runefather each one with 18 wounds against melee army that mean: 4*18/2 = 36 mortal wounds just by getting killed ^^ (btw the Rrunesons attacks while still not incredible have been improved)

But have the Magmadroth (that were trash) have been improved in the next book? Yes, a lot but they are going to be more expensive as well.

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there is a small mistake, the range is still 9'' not 12". That said, the shot is a lot better against units now. Perfect use is for clearing screening unit (of 10 usually ) you'll get 10attacks 2+ 3+ rend -2 dmg1. you can expect to clear enough model to charge through.

Speaking of melee the beast is a lot stronger in melee now (not that hard, it was trash before) . Claws hit now on 3 now and maw got 2 extra attacks combined with the rider's melee improvements (both sons and father) it's a more credible threat.

A droth army will be a very valid combo now, low drop, move fast and extra fast with the speed rune (+2mv). Imagine popping the enhanced effect on turn 1 (+2 mv / +2 charge) with the +1 charge from a general trait you could move 14" and charge 2d6+3 so 24" threat range on average. Even without the enhanced effect, it would be a 22"

Fireslayers battle tome is coming in a few weeks and should really rejuvenate the army...Still does nothing for the models quality and diversity ^^


Stonk on the Fireslayers ? the start Collecting is at a very very good price on wayland right now (before the box change ?)

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