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Cursed City, Fireslayers and Idoneth Battletomes

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Hello everyone !!!

Cursed City Made to order

Hurray, if you missed the game the first time, you can get one now !

you’ll be able to order the full game on a Made to Order basis from Saturday the 5th of March. There’ll be a two-week window to place your orders, and this time stock won’t run out – everyone who orders a copy during those two weeks is guaranteed to get one.

Sales will be open for two weeks, from the 5th March to the 20th of March.

Most folks should receive their copy by May, though the wait may be a little longer for certain regions.

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Don’t think you’ll be able to grab a copy this March? There’s no need to worry – Cursed City will be receiving a full relaunch later this year, along with some juicy new expansions.

warhammer rumour

From what i have been told, the Cursed city will be permanently added to the shelves like Black Fortress, i don't know at this date if the extensions are going to be limited editions. But the models from the extension are already released (All the named vampires released last year: Radukar the beast, wolf granny, Rat prince,....)

Fireslayers and Idoneth

2 new Battletomes for AOS 3 are going on pre-orders next week! Both battletome are excelent and should rejunevate the factions !

Fireslayers really needed something new to help them be attractive, i think the new book is kind of interesting and encourage a "Dwarven" way of playing! i will do a full review of this one because it's really interesting.

Idoneth Deepking hurt from the new command rules (not being able to spam the +1 attacks). The new book is really excellent! I even bought some Idoneth ! this is a strong battle tome with awesome models and a large number of playstyles. Also perfect counter against the ranged Meta :D

With these 2 we will have SCE, Orcs, Nurgle, Fs, Idoneth. Next are Dok and NightHaund then Khorne and Sylvaneth this summer.

I am saddened by the lack of new models but at least we are getting battle tomes or White Dwarf updates!

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour