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Idoneth Deepkin ritual : Fun with Tides :D

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Hello everyone !!!

More Idoneth Reveal by WarCom !

Idoneth Tide

as you maybe know from the current battltome the ID have a tide cycle that give bonus every battle round. There are 4 tides right now (and in the next Battletome as well)

  • Low Tide : Grant Cover to everyone

  • Flood Tide : run and shoot or charge

  • High Tide : strike first for everyone

  • Ebb Tide : retreat and Charge / shoot

In the next Battletome, if you have any Isharan in your army you can choose at the start of the game a bonus that will improve the Tide Effect.

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Also if you have a Tidecaster you can Choose 2 rituals !!! (OMG) and still at the start of the game so it's grant huge adaption to the opponent list.
If i am honest in most of the list i would have a Tidecaster and pick First and Third tide to be improved (Can't be shoot turn 1 and 5++ ward turn 3)

The Idoneth Book is going to dominant i am sure of it :D

Also i need to stop buying 10 differents army and build/paint/play nothing ^^