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Parasite Of Mortrex !

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Hello everyone !!!

As everyone guessed, the New model is the Parasite of Mortrex.

warhammer rumour

Imo the model is simple but well made and I like the "thin" aesthetics of the new parasite.


Nothing special, it's a flying monster with an ok-ish stat line and synapse

warhammer rumour

Off course the point is the Parasitic Infection :

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Losing objSec is big but the parasitic things is a bit sad :

You make 1 melee attack with this weapon if it's hit (2+) and wounds (3+ on average) the target is infected it's 5/9 change to wounds. The target suffers one extra mortal dmg and becomes infested. then it's 1/2 to stay infected and 1/2 to deal 2 mortals' wounds (before FNP) .

I guess it's fine if you want to grab an objective against a small unit with ObjSec but not much ...

Maybe I am wrong, Tell me if you see something I did not...

Another good news is that now I am sure that the wings are really Valkia :D