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Age of Sigmar : Battlescroll update, the hunt !

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Hello everyone !!!

Game balance update for Age of Sigmar.

Balancing the game is a task that requires constant attention. For this second Battlescroll, the team are trying something different, providing “a standalone mechanism for us to address balance without invalidating the content of the battletomes you have collected, clashing with points contained in upcoming books, or restricting the use of an army that you may have spent a lot of time collecting and painting”.

New Rules

Certain unit gain Priority Target Keyword (strong meta choice) :

  • Worth 1 vp when killed

  • +1 VP for each reinforcement

  • Doesn't get extra Vp when destroying Priority Target units

Certain Army gain the Prime hunters keyword (weak army)

  • Gain 1 extra VP when killing Priority Target unit

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Download the document here :
Battle Scroll update

I don't know yet what i think about it. It's interesting but is it going to Matters ? And why Khorne is not there ?