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Is Tyranids codex too strong ?

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Hello everyone !!!

As you probably know, a preprint version of the Tyranids Codex has been released on the internet!

So if you haven't seen it just google Tyranids discord, join and download the updated pdf pinned at the top.

Now that is said what do you think of it?

Personally, I found that this codex embodies perfectly what I feel is wrong with 40k.

  • Rules bloat is real !

  • there are so many rules in different places that even a big nerd like me find it too much. The core mechanics are so simple that each codex needs tons of rules to be different from each other.

  • Reliabilty
  • Units are becoming more and more reliable and with a stronger output. When I play, I don't even feel like i am playing a miniatures game anymore. It's nothing more than a theory craft.

  • Swarming masses and more
  • As an example let's talk about swarming masses :

    This new rule allows Gaunts to attack if they are within 2.5" of enemy units. I guess it's a fine way to represent the horde of aliens, but again, it's another rule that removes the "miniature " from the game.
    It doesn't matter what the enemy models are doing and how they are positioned, you just go within 2.5" and deal 3 attacks X numbers of hormogaunts

    Maybe it was fine in the previous edition when it was harder to deal damage and weapons output was a lot lower. But right now it really feels like a point and click game => plz remove this unit...

  • 9th is a failure
  • I am more and more convinced every day that the 9th is a failure. The direction the game takes is not to my liking anymore and outside of crusade, the game is pretty meh :/

Not much to say at this time...On the positive side, the new AOS box should not be too far away :D