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Scriptor Mortis from arena of shade !

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Hello everyone !!!

Arena of Shades box is coming soon(ish). It's the battlebox revealed at the LOV with DOK vs NH :

lvo report

Scriptors Auris

Fluff is interesting and very relatable considering the situation right now....

One of the new miniatures is a sorcerous gheist hunched over a massive tome. Once a chronicler of truth, he has been twisted in death by Nagash into a parody of his former self.

Once members of an order called the Scriptors Auris, these brave historians pursued lore and chronicled the heroic deeds and works of Sigmar. That happened to include the tale of how the God-King freed Nagash from his tomb. The Great Necromancer didn’t really care for their version of the story, so when their souls eventually came to him, he had a special punishment prepared.

warhammer rumour

hmm don't like this rule at all ! take effect at the start of your next hero phase so with a double turn it could take forever...then you have to roll "strictly less" than the number or round (so 1/6 in turn 2) and then it's 2d6.

So it's totally random, most of the time will do nothing but in some rare case could ruin the game of your opponent...

The model is really cool but the "sentenced" rules is terrible :(

What do you think ?