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The Leagues of Votann Fluff !

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Hello everyone !!!

GW just published the first revelation on the Votann Fluff.

Read it there

In a nutshell, Votanns are administrated by old AI.

The Votann are Ancestor Cores – super-cogitators, gestalt repositories of inherited wisdom and knowledge. Each League has its own Votann, central to its way of life, and no Kin would hesitate to lay down their lives to protect it – these venerable cogitators are as sacred to the Kin as gods are to the more spiritual races.

It's awesome but sadly they have started to lag, bug or develop a personality :D

Some have developed idiosyncrasies – what might even be termed “personalities”. When once the Kin would have received an answer to a tough question in a matter of moments, as the 41st Millennium comes to a close, some Votann can take decades – or even centuries – to deliver the same solution. Day by day, year by year, the Ancestor Cores become more eccentric and mercurial.

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Maybe a reboot would help :D

What do you think of this kind of fluff ?