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DOK Blood Rite in the next Battletome !

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Hello everyone !!!

Blood rite are changing in the next battletome :

Keep in mind that bonus stack (so not like tides)

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Before it was re-roll rolls of 1 when running (turn1), Charging (turn2) Now it's both +1. Flat bonus to charges roll are very strong as they protect you from the double 1 and allow to charge after Deepstrike on a 8+ (it's ~64% with reroll).

it's a bit safer now and it's great deepstrike shenanigans

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before it was rr1 on hits and wounds...the +1 to wounds on turn 4 is super strong (hagg nar are probably happy)

Off course the combo with the gladiatrix to have their wounds on 2+ (so 2+ 2+ in turn 4 ? or turn3 with the right temple ?)

warhammer rumour

5+ ward is a lot better than -1 rend so it's big buff ...

Yea it sounds a lot stronger than before maybe DOK will be a bit more diversified than before...

Also : check aos faq for the latest faq :

Nothing big but a much needed clarification on using the IDK prince ability each turn with a different prince.