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Sylvaneth Terrains new rules !

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Hello everyone !!!

Sylvaneth is the next Order Battletome and this army is in dire need of an update. The first few tidbits of info we got are from the Skaven vs Sylvaneth box and the rules are promising!

Today we learn more about the WyldWood interaction.

Overgroth terrain

This is a new feature that should limit the need of having 10 WyldWood in your army case.

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Wholly outside enemy territory is a bit of a bummer :/ it depends on how the territory are drawn on the next GHB. If there are a lot of Battleplan with 50% of the table counting at the enemy territory it suck :/

The heal is cute

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Standart en of movement phase teleport, still with a lot of limitation, you must start wholly within 9" of a terrain (woods or overgrowth), appear wholly within 9" of a different terrain without enemy within 3" and, more than 9" from the enemy.

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Ok, this one is awesome :D, During your combat phase just after fighting you can Teleport out ...You could potentially teleport in the move phase, charge, stomp, fight and teleport back !!!