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Horus Heresy Price Leak

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Hello everyone !!!

Some pricing rumours are doing the round right now :

All the in £ are from € price so maybe there will be a few difference

Big Box price (edit: maybe limited edition*): 225€/180£
Legion Books: 55€/40£ (one book for all traitors and one for all loyalists)
Kratos: 100€/75£ (direct only and maybe no rules for 40k in the box)
Rhino : 37€ / 28£
Transfert Sheet: 25€
Limited Edition map: 22€
upgrade kits (heads/ Shoulder) direct only :
All Primarchs will be available on the GW website (limited time and start on the 4th)

* I say limited edition because I was informed that smaller boxes are coming but i am not 100% sure the smaller versions would replace the big one...

Second wave laters in summer :
-Rulebook (outside of box)
-20 mk4 Tactical: 62.5€
-20 mk3 Tactical: 62.5€
-10 terminator: 67.5€
Ahriman: 24€
Space Wolves with power glove: 24€


Also if I trust these pics from the ads inside the HH box the tank is close to a Baneblade !

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