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Chaos Space Marines Codex : New posseded stat et Terminator repack

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Hello everyone !!

The CSM codex is coming at the end of June and off course we are getting some pics of repackage or teaser by the gw team.

Today we get shown the new Possessed. The first stat that surprised me was the movement value, 9" is super fast for a foot soldier. They also get 5 attacks each (with probably a few way to increase it) and 3 wounds...They also have the 5++ from their Daemonic half ^^

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Solid melee weapon, Ap2 and D2 is solid on a 5A chassis ...

There is also a new rule named Let the Galaxy Burn that affect many unit through the codex. But no details yet...

Terminator Lord

7Wounds ^^ Neat :D

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warhammer rumour