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Warhammer Immortal Empire is out !

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Hello everyone !!

Yesterday was released the new DLC for Warhammer total war 3 : Immortal Empire !

Immortal Empires is a new grand-scale campaign mode for Total War: WARHAMMER III available for free to owners of all three Total War: WARHAMMER titles. It combines the landmasses, Legendary Lords, war units, and more from the series into one colossal mode spread across the vast Warhammer World. It is the most complete and definitive Warhammer strategy experience ever conceived.

The Dlc is free but you need all 3 games to just play and extra DLC to use their content in the mod.


Introduction to total war :

Steamstore :


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Now if you excuse me I have to "Blood for the blood god a pesky Bretonnian" ^^

ps : The mod is still in beta and weight 100 giga