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Always loved Kangourous in AOS !! (Lumineth battletome reveals)

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Hello everyone !!

Today we had a few teasing on the next Lumineth Battletome ... The light elves are recent additions to the AOS world but this is their third or fourth Battletome already :D Still, no Tyrion and fire-themed faction but a few rules change for the underloved units or never picked relics...

The Star of the show is (as you suspected) the Windchargers that get a 40k rule but in AOS ....

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I hate it...

It's bad game design, period... some armies are completely reliant on these ward save (Nurgle) but other don't really care (IJ) ... Lumineth have now a tool that can invalidate some faction defence mechanism ... Also wards save were kind of immutable and i don't want gw following the 40kinvul save paradigm.

The phoenix stone also received an upgrade :

warhammer rumour

the range is within 12" (and not wholly within) so it's super good for saving a Teclis ...

On the other hand :

warhammer rumour

Short-range aura on a mage to buff melee wound rolls ...meh

warhammer rumour

If you contest + if you control + if it's mortal wounds you get a 4+ ward... I am not sure it's a great idea on a small elite unit with nice output dmg...

For the release date, I am honestly not is Tzeentch (i read it already) but Lumineth was supposed to be at the same time. But I had no info on the release date... But I also know that Ogors and Sons are coming soon (next week for affiliate) ... So Lumi has been pushed back or some affiliates didn't got them (it could be possible because the Votann full leak did big dmg internally )

So I don't know :D

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