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Do you like the Endless Spells Meta ?

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Hello everyone !!

A few Battletome are coming soon and the first of them is going to be Tzeentch (probably) with pre-ordering coming in a little more than a week :D

Today GW teased us with some changes on the book :

Arcane Armies

warhammer rumour

Auto cast a Tzeentch endless spells that you know also can be dispelled in the first turn. Not bad at all considering they are fine spells.

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Kairos have it as well, LOC also kept Mastery of magic intact. It's a fine rule with a big range and affects all Tzeentch wizards (not bad in STD for example ).

Also, it's a nice combo with Incarnate for a +2 +2 to casting/dispel + Mastery of Magic

Finally, both LOC and Kairos can still Endless SPells ^^

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removed from play !! mean it could affect the little Morathi...still it's pretty meh :/

warhammer rumour

Lovely power as you can move then drop a slow uniit within 9" but if you lose the Wizard you are in a bad spot ^^ Could be good with Enlightened on foot or some STD units (also you have Tzeentch dice for passing a 9+ charge, but a pack of Tzeentch aligned minos could be a fun drop)

That's it for the Tzeentch Tease any hype?