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The new wet palette by RGG is awesome

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Thumb redgrass painter v2 open miniature

Hello everyone !!

Right now i am turbo painting my Beast of Chaos list for next the next tournament and it was the perfect occasion to try the new Wet Palette RGG sent me this summer.

So the new palette is inspired by the V1 but with some very good improvement :

  • The top cover close a lot better and stay closed

  • The wall of the well palette are higher so you don't spill water

  • Replaced the Rare Earth Magnet for a low tech (but better) slot point

  • Use the new re usable wet paper

  • Thicker foam that hold a lot more water

Re Usable wet paper

the hydration papers included in the box (15 sheets) are cleanable so you can clean them at the end of the session and re-use them later. I remember testing their first Prototype 5 years ago and i am very pleased they found a way to make it work.

Here an example, i painted from 2pm to 4am (yea i know ^^ turbo painting), closeam d the top from 7pm to 10 (restaurant with the wifey) and resumed from 10 to 4am.

warhammer rumour

When i stoped the palette looked like this before cleaning.

warhammer rumour

Cleaned with water and a light scrubbing (10 sec with yellow side of the sponge). Today i painted again on the same sheet and it worked perfectly fine.

Is hydratation the same ?

The paint stay wet and don't dry the same as before. Maybe even better, i need more time to test but the paint kept a very good consitency.

The Foam is thicker as well.

GW wash holder / Wash cup

There are 2 slots to place GW wash/contrast pot. It's the best invention ever :D just for this option, i would use this one I am never painting without this ^^.

There are 5 slot to verse wash but i don't use them much...

The palette is on pre-order right now and they aim the 31 October.

Will do a full review when the time is right for Rgg.

Also did you manage to get one Votaan box ? (i heard the quantity was very small )