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Amazon New roster rules !

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Hello everyone !!!

The updated roster for the zons is here!

Damn that's hurt ^^ While it's probably a more exciting roster than before (vs the old 7 lines & 4 blitz) losing block positional is rought.


Old but gold, 50k with dodge ;D

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Only 2 and no block :/, Hit and run is exciting but the free move limitation is maybe a bit too much.
Jump up is a good nice to have

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Solid, I don't like the idea of paying 10k for on the ball but heh + pass + safe pass is really nice already

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Wow something really new in the Zons roster, st4 with dodge and armour 8 (so 9+) . 110 000 is expensive but St 4 and move 6 + dodge is good . Also defensive is going to help in the long run.
Get block asap (but this apply to all models but throwers)

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Nice glow up of the models, more interesting roster. Get block asap and avoid Dwarves team :D