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Warhammer the old world is coming...probably !

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Hello everyone !!

Warhammer old world is the Forge World studio project aiming to revive the old Warhammer rank and file game !

warhammer rumour

Look like it's going will from what Andy wrote :

Our miniatures designers, painters, writers, illustrators, and graphic designers have all been engaged in a period of industrious activity getting new miniatures designed and the main rulebook written, playtested, lavishly illustrated, and laid out.

The Khemry & Bretonnian factions are highly desired by the players and could really be in the starting line up ! Still no models shown yet :/

warhammer rumour

The Map !

Even if the project feel a little bit wobbly i am quite hyped by the detailed map that they have produced.

warhammer rumour

btw 2023 is the 40th birthday of Warhammer! so maybe there is hope for something incredible to happen then :D

Any hype on this project? Right now I am moderately hyped by the prospect as I am very happy with AOS right now (and even more by these new Slaves Models ^^)