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Speed Paint reactivation is fake news ! (Drama)

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Hello everyone !!!

It's controversy day in the miniature painting microcosme.
Recently Spikey Bits published a defamatory post on a Spanish Painter named JH.

It's all about Army Painter speed paint !

warhammer rumour

What is army painter speedpaint ?

It's a one coat wonder paint a bit like Contrast paint but more opaque a cover under shading a lot more. IMHO they are fine if paints but i much prefer the contrast paints. Still if you are not into undershade or zenithal or airbrush you can have great result with them !

But they have a big problem that was not detected at first, they reactivated with water, that mean that once dry you can reactivate the paint if you paint over it. A bit like PVA glue if you don't varnish it.

So to avoid nasty surprise just spray a bit of varnish over the model and that's it.

warhammer rumour

Note that the army painter web site also advice it ! (i am not sure the info was given at first)

Controversy ?

There wasn't much controversy to begin with until SB went full carlson tucker mode and accuse JH of inventing the reactivating issue...

warhammer rumour

Off course the said painter wasn't very happy with it check his twitter for his answer :

JH mini twitter

Conclusion ?

Does the speed paints reactivate ? yes
Is the speed paints a good product ? yes
Can you airbrush it ? not very well

I personally think Contrast are better suited for me but if you want one coat job at a very decent price, Speed Paint is the tool for you.

off course i didn't link SB post ^^