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Khorne Berzerkers – Get a Closer Look

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Hello everyone !!!

15 years in the making here come details about the new khorne berzerker kit in plastic !

The Khorne Berzerker kit includes a wealth of accessories that allow collectors and players to create unique and individualized models. The kit includes 12 bare heads with the cybernetic Butcher's Nails, which are implanted into the Berzerkers to enhance their combat abilities and make them even more deadly in battle. The kit also includes 10 helmed heads with the iconic cadaere renissum crests, which are the mark of the World Eaters Legion and their devotion to Khorne.

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In addition to the heads, the kit includes 10 shoulder pads marked with the icon of the World Eaters, as well as five shoulder pads bearing the symbol of Khorne. These shoulder pads can be mixed and matched to create a variety of different looks for the Berzerkers. The kit also includes five gladiatorial-style pauldrons that hark back to Angron's homeworld, Nuceria, adding another layer of detail and history to the models."

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Overall, the inclusion of these accessories allows for a high degree of customization and personalization for the Khorne Berzerker models, making each one unique

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Another upgrade option is the addition of a plasma pistol, which is a powerful and deadly ranged weapon that is favored by the Berzerkers

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the kit includes the option to add an icon bearer, which is a Berzerker who carries the standard of the World Eaters Legion into battle.

While the kit is full of details and offers many customization options, i find the models to be a bit too clean considering that they have been Chaos Space Marines for 10,000 years and have been constantly fighting.

Maybe it's something you can fix with paint alone ^^

Do you like them ?