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Angron’s Rules Revealed

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Hello everyone !!!

Each Primarch was designed to be the perfect leader of one of the Emperor's armies, and they were intended to help him conquer the galaxy. However, the Primarchs were scattered across the galaxy by the machinations of the Chaos Gods, and many of them ended up leading their own factions in the never-ending wars of the 41st Millennium.

One of the most bloodthirsy and feared of the Primarchs is Angron, the World Eater. Angron was once the leader of the Emperor's 12th Legion, known as the World Eaters. However, Angron was consumed by his own inner demons, and he became a brutal and bloodthirsty warrior follower of khorne.

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As a Primarch, Angron is incredibly powerful, both physically and in terms of his tactical abilities. His profile in Warhammer 40,000 reflects this, with his impressive stats and special abilities. 12 attacks !!!

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"Sweep Mode" that allows him to make multiple attacks in close combat. When using this ability, Angron can make up to 36 attacks, allowing him to decimate his enemies with a barrage of blows.

in Skull Taking slash it's 12 attacks at str14 with d3+3 !!

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A bit of buff aura but the range is quite close...

In conclusion, Angron is a powerful melee character in Warhammer 40,000, as one would expect from a Primarch dedicated to Khorne. His impressive stats, special abilities, make him a formidable force on the battlefield. His Sweep Mode ability allows him to unleash a devastating barrage of 36 attacks on his enemies.

Whether you're using him as part of your army or facing off against him as an opponent, Angron is a character that demands respect and careful planning

Would love an age of sigmar version (like a named bloodthirster)