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Necromunda : Beastmaster and Ripperjacks

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Hello everyone !!

New necromunda release announced (again ! )

In the tabletop skirmish game Necromunda, the Beastmaster is a type of hanger-on that has the ability to tame and control beasts, such as the Ripperjack. These ferocious creatures are often used as support units in the gang's battles against other factions in the underhive.

The Beastmaster is a fine fighter, armed with a shockpike and sawed-off shotgun. They also have the ability to issue commands to their beasts, directing them to attack specific targets or hold back until the right moment to strike. In addition to their combat abilities, Beastmasters are also skilled traders and collectors of exotic creatures. They may have a menagerie of beasts at their disposal, which they can use to negotiate with other gangs or sell to the highest bidder.

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Despite their usefulness in battle and their skills as traders, Beastmasters are often viewed with suspicion and fear by other gangers. Their close association with dangerous beasts makes them unpopular with some factions.

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Overall, the Beastmaster is a unique and formidable addition to any Necromunda gang, bringing both combat prowess and a connection to the dangerous creatures of the underhive. Armed with a shockpike and sawed-off shotgun, they bring many new options to the battlefield.

RipperJacks are not the only options, there are also gigantic hive rats, rock-skinned millisaurs.

I am starting to be a bit jealous of the Necromunda support ^^