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Christmas Goblin duo for AOS and BloodBowl

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Hello everyone !!

Games Workshop just revealed two new goblins models that are sure to please fans of both Age of Sigmar and Blood Bowl. The first model is a small, mischievous goblin for Age of Sigmar, a beasthandler known as a SquigBoss. The second model is a new star player for Blood Bowl, Scrappa Sorehead, the famous pogger who rides on a pogo stick.

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The new goblin for Age of Sigmar is a tiny but mighty addition to the greenskin ranks. Known as a SquigBoss, this goblin is a beasthandler and is accompanied by a squig companion. With its mischievous expression and fearsome pet, this model is sure to bring a bit of whimsy and ferocity to the battlefield. Though small in stature, this goblin is sure to be a formidable force, whether fighting alongside other greenskin units or causing chaos on its own. We can expect some synergies with squig heavy forces !!

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Scrappa Sorehead, the famous pogger, is a new star player for Blood Bowl. This energetic goblin is known for his speed and agility, as well as his love of causing chaos on the pitch. Whether bouncing around on his pogo stick or scoring touchdowns, Scrappa is sure to bring a smile to the faces of Blood Bowl players.

(love this model :D )


Overall, these two new goblin models are sure to be popular additions to the Games Workshop range. Whether you're a fan of Age of Sigmar or Blood Bowl, these models are sure to find a place in your collection

In the coming year, both of these new grot models (including the Squigmax) will be available for purchase. The rules for the Squigmax can be found in the upcoming Battletome: Gloomspire Gitz. The rules for the star players can be found in the latest Spike! Almanac, which is already available.

And as the holiday season approaches, I'd like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas !