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Matched Play guide for Bloodbowl

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Hello everyone !!!

If you're a fan of Blood Bowl, you'll be happy to hear about the new Matched Play Guide released by Games Workshop. This book is designed to help tournament organizers set up events, and it's packed with all sorts of useful information.

Inside the Matched Play Guide, you'll find rules, alternative formats, and fun ideas to spice up your tournament play. There's also a renovation of the SPP (Star Player Points) system, which is used to track the progress and development of individual players in the game that was always a bit confusing during tournaments.

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Many TO in the Blood Bowl community tend to play with a 1 100 000 gold, 4 simple 1 double skills spread with gold bonus for lower tier teams. While this is a popular way to play, the Matched Play Guide offers additional options for those who want to try something different.

so if you are tier 1 team, matching the usual you get 4 simple + 1 double skill. So i am fine with this..

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The star player rule change is significant, coaches have now the option to spend Skill Points on hiring Star Players for their team. These players cost 2 Skill Points, in addition to their gold cost. However, you must also decide if it is better to use Skill Points to take more Skills for the team instead.

The most dominant Star Players in the Matched Play scene are classified as Mega-stars and cost 4 Skill Points to include in a team roster. While these players may be more expensive, they may still be a worthwhile investment for coaches.

Overall, the Matched Play Guide is a great addition to the game and will be a valuable resource for tournament organizers and players alike.

ps: Jay Clare (the writer) is a very experienced all around tournament player, so it's expected he delivers when focusing on tournament aspect of the game.