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More model for Necromunda ...(AGAIN ! )

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Thumb necromworms

Hello everyone !!

Deep in the Ash Wastes, the Nomads have a secret weapon, a weapon feared and revered in equal measure by all who know of it. The Millisaurs, massive worms that the Nomads have tamed and trained to serve as both beasts of burden and instruments of war.

These ichorous invertebrates were likely smuggled onto Necromunda centuries ago, to help clear debris and other critters from mining tunnels. But the Nomads, ever resourceful, saw their potential and through generations of breeding and training, have turned them into formidable creatures.

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With their warrens full of Millisaurs, the Nomads are able to surprise and outsmart their opponents, using the Millisaurs to ambush and trample them. These beasts are particularly effective in the Ash Wastes, where their size and toughness make them almost invulnerable to the harsh conditions.

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Games Workshop has done it again with these new models, the Millisaurs are highly detailed , fitting perfectly with the Necromunda's setting.

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Gangs can now hire up to two Outland Beastmasters, each with a personal gaggle of beasts so you can go double combo worms + rippers ^^

So, if you're looking to add some unconventional tactics to your Necromunda game, be sure to check out the new Millisaurs models and consider adding them to your collection."

I am impressed (Jealous ?) by the level of support that Necromunda receives from Games Workshop.