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Las Vegas Open 2023 - Reveal show !

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Hello everyone !!

It's that time of year again, Warhammer fans! The Las Vegas Open is just around the corner and this year, Games Workshop is planning to make an online preview of all the new and exciting things they have in store for us.

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For those who may not be familiar, the Las Vegas Open is a huge Warhammer tournament and convention that takes place in Las Vegas every year. It's a great opportunity for players to compete against each other, learn new strategies, and check out all the latest and greatest from Games Workshop.

During the event, Games Workshop will be showcasing new and upcoming products, including new miniatures, rulebooks, and more. This is always an exciting time for fans as we get to see what's in store for the future of the game.

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While we can expect some exciting new releases, it's important to keep in mind that these previews can sometimes be a bit disappointing. In the past, some of the revealed items have not been as impressive as we hoped. However, we remain optimistic and hope that this preview will bring some great new additions to our collections and armies.

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Funny they decided to cover the AOS Championships instead of 40k ^^

Stay tuned for more information on the online preview and the Las Vegas Open 2023. We'll be sure to bring you all the latest updates and announcements as they become available.

warhammer rumour

Necromunda doggo is Kute