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Warhammer rumour : Saurus Sunblood or New kroxigor ?

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Hello everyone !!!

It's time for the weekly Warhammer rumour and today's tease is a new Seraphon weapon! The image released shows a massive Aztec-style mace, reminiscent of the weapons used by the ancient warriors. This latest rumour engine comes hot on the heels of the reveals at the Las Vegas Open, and it's no surprise that the theme is once again focused on the Seraphon.

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Speculation is rife as to what exactly this weapon could be. Some believe that it could be a new weapon for the Saurus Sunblood, while others are speculating that it could be a new Kroxigor model. Regardless, both options have the potential to be amazing! We can't wait to see what GW has in store for us with this latest tease.

Stay tuned for more updates!