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Unleash Carnage with the Latest Kill Team and Warcry Releases !

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Hello everyone !!!

Get ready for a week of intense skirmishing with the latest releases for Games Workshop's Kill Team and Warcry. This week, the Bloodhunt and Soulshackle expansions hit the shelves, bringing a new level of excitement to your favorite skirmish games.

Kill Team:

Get ready to face off in intense skirmish battles with this week's Kill Team releases. With a focus on elite warriors and brutal weaponry, the latest sets will take your gaming experience to the next level.

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The latest expansion for Kill Team introduces the ultimate agents of Imperial law, the Adeptus Arbites Exaction Squad, who clash with elite Drukhari Kabalites in a series of running battles. Soulshackle comes packed with new terrain, rules for breaching walls and control consoles, and two new Kill Teams.

Other Releases:

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A team of highly trained Astra Militarum members deployed on critical covert operations around the galaxy.

Farstalker Kinband:

Experienced Kroot Mercenaries who hunt the deadliest prey.

Imperial Navy Breachers:

Specialize in ship-to-ship boarding actions, armed with gear to give them the edge in close-quarters combat.

Hierotek Circle:

A band of Necrons who undertake inscrutable operations among the stars.


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A board of 54 pieces of terrain to build your very own Gallowdark board for Kill Team missions.

Shadowvaults Upgrade

: Add security panels, weapons lockers, a robot crawler, and a heavy bolter sentry turret to your Kill Team board.

Into the Dark:

A 120-page book that includes lore, rules, and a campaign for the Imperial Navy Breachers and Farstalker Kinband.

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Boarding Actions:

Void War Bases: A set of 60 bases and 54 decorative elements to add to your miniatures for Boarding Actions.


Get ready for savage battles in the depths of Ghur with the latest Warcry releases. With a focus on cultists, vampires, and ancient relics, this week's sets will bring chaos and bloodshed to your gaming table.

Main Release: Bloodhunt

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In the latest expansion for Warcry, Khornate cultists who worship a Flesh Hound fight a brutal war against ascetic vampire monks. Bloodhunt introduces the Claws of Karanak, frenzied cultists, and the Askurgan Trueblades, monastic Soulblight vampires.

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Other Releases:

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Hunters of Huanchi:

Harass foes with dartpipes and bolas, supported by loyal Terrawings.

The Jade Obelisk:

A mysterious Speaker in the Stone commands the Jade Obelisk to deface idols, monuments, and totems.
So, gear up and get ready to bring the violence to your tabletop gaming with the latest Kill Team and Warcry releases!

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New Releases for Horus Heresy Game

This week, Forge World has some exciting releases for fans of the Horus Heresy game. The first of these is the Sky-Hunter Squadron, which features Scimitar jetbikes with sophisticated repulsor plates and powerful jet engines. These jetbikes are designed for deep strikes and hit-and-runs, making them a unique and formidable threat on the battlefields of the Horus Heresy.

In addition to the Sky-Hunter Squadron, Forge World also has two new upgrade sets available in resin for two different Legions. The Salamanders MKVI Upgrades include helmet and shoulder pads for the Legion Salamanders, while the Word Bearers MKVI Upgrades offer similar upgrades for the World Bearers Legion.

Lots of stuff is coming and this khorne warband is awesome looking :D

Are you getting something ?