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Introducing two new Halfling heroes for Blood Bowl!

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Hello everyone!

Get ready for some Halfling-sized excitement in the world of Blood Bowl as two new heroes have just been revealed. Cindy Piewhistle and Puggy Baconbreath are joining the ranks of the Halfling team, each bringing their own unique skills and personality to the pitch.

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Cindy Piewhistle - Slinger of Baked Goods

Cindy Piewhistle's name may sound familiar to fans of the Spike! Journal, the perennial Blood Bowl publication. She is the sister of the famous columnist and interviewer Mindy Piewhistle. As a slinger of baked goods, Cindy brings a unique skill set to the Halfling team.

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Puggy Baconbreath - The Legend of Blood Bowl

Puggy Baconbreath is a player known for his amazing feats of athleticism and dedication to the game. This Halfling hero trains for as long as one hour a day, and his iron willpower has never wavered, even during mid-drive snack time. He is sure to be a valuable asset to any Halfling team.

These two new heroes are sure to bring some excitement and fun to the world of Blood Bowl. Get ready to see them in action on the pitch!

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