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More Old world reveal (Nope)

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Hello everyone !!

In the latest update on Warhammer: The Old World, we delve into the world of Settra the Imperishable, the Undying King of Khemri and his land of the dead. The Tomb Kings, with Settra as their supreme monarch, are set to be major players in the stories of Warhammer: The Old World. Though not technically denizens of the Old World, their invasions play a crucial role in the game's narrative.

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The game developers have taken great care to create a balanced and fearsome depiction of the undead in the game. Players can expect to control the power of a Liche Priest, commanding an army of skeleton warriors, chariots, and monstrous constructs animated by the ancient magic of the Mortuary Cults.

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The image of the skeleton warriors marching in unison, as chariots speed towards the enemy, is sure to be a frightening sight on the battlefield.

Tbh honest the way they show nothing in these articles is quite boring.