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Astrolith Bearers !

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Hello everyone !!!

The first models for the updated Seraphon army were recently revealed at LVO, including new Saurus and Slann designs. Fans are thrilled to see these new models, and the trend of amazing updates for the Seraphon army continues.

Astrolith Bearers: A Force to be Reckoned With

The Saurus Astrolith Bearer is a warrior marked by fate, who holds a powerful serpentine standard. The arcane device is powered by a celestite orb and inscribed with geometric symbols. The Astrolith Bearers channel energy from the heavens, invigorating the Seraphon with celestial magic. Sometimes, the glyphs on these devices lock into new configurations, crackling with resurgent energy. The Slann Starmasters take this as a sign of the Old Ones' influence on the Mortal Realms.
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Seraphon Spellslingers: Reality-Warping Power

Seraphon spellslingers benefit significantly from the Celestial Conduits of the Astrolith Bearers. The reality-warping power of these conduits alters the geomantic landscape within 12 inches, providing a boost to the casting rolls of nearby Seraphon Wizards and extending the range of their spells. Friendly Seraphon within 12 inches of the Astrolith Bearer are also protected by its Revivifying Energies, which provide a ward of 6+. The coruscating cosmic energy of the Astrolith Bearer truly is a powerful ally to have on your side.

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These Saurus models are so fucking awesome !