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Games Workshop Price Increase !

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Hello everyone !!

Games Workshop is set to increase prices of some of its products, including plastic miniatures, resin miniatures, and brushes, effective March 6th. The average increase for plastic kits is 6%, with a £1.50 increase for the Battle Sisters Squad.

Games Workshop acknowledges that no one likes a price increase, but the rise in prices is due to increasing costs in materials and transport. They have tried to minimize the impact by not increasing prices for essential items such as paint sets and codexes.

While price increases are often a result of economic pressures, hobby enthusiasts may argue that the increased prices may make the hobby less accessible to new players and hobbyists on a budget. Additionally, the hobby is already known for being expensive, and any additional costs could be seen as excessive. Games Workshop could consider alternative solutions, such as reducing production costs or offering discounts to loyal customers, to avoid or minimize price increases.

Sound like a shareholder equity demand more than a problem with production cost ^^Iirc GW operate at 40% margin already.

Plz stay civil ^^