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Warhammer Regiments of Renown are back in Age Of Sigmar !

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Hello everyone !!!

Huge new coming from Warcom, Regiments of renown are coming back to Warhammer ! This time for Age of Sigmar !

What are these ?

In Warhammer Battle, "Regiments of Renown" were special units that were known for their exceptional skills and abilities in combat. They were typically elite versions of existing units, with unique names, models, and special rules that set them apart from their standard counterparts.

These bugman were my first regiment of renown !

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Different factions in Warhammer had their own Regiments of Renown, each with their own unique lore and abilities. For example, some of the Regiments of Renown for the Empire included the Knights of the Blazing Sun, the Reiksguard Knights, and the Teutogen Guard. Meanwhile, the Greenskins had Regiments of Renown such as Da Immortulz and the Ruglud.

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Regiments of Renown were often limited edition releases, so they were not always available for purchase and their availability varied depending on the edition of the game. In some cases, they were only available through special events or promotions.

Wow this unit leader was my personal favorite for so much time !

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Now they are coming for Age of Sigmar and they are legal in Matched play ! (it's awesome) . You can include them in your army with this Regiment of renown battalion.

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There is 6 options :

  • Norgrimm's rune throng

  • Coven of Thryx

  • Veremords Shamblers

  • Hargax's Pit-Beasts

  • Eithwins Thorns

  • Big Grikk's Krullshots

Each regiment come with his own special rule.

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Full rules for these Regiments of Renown will be included in next month’s issue of White Dwarf and will also be free to download from the Warhammer Community site when the boxes go on sale

EDIT : A lot less Hyped now that i noticed there was 0 new model in these box !!

Still hyped for the gaming/Matched play opportunity as the rules are free !