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I am the law ! Hellmwar Lawtomata dreadnought !

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Hello everyone !!

Breaking news from Necromunda! The Hellwar family has a new dreadnought automata in town, and it's piloted by the brain of a fiercely loyal servant. Dubbed as the 'Lawtomata' by the witty citizens of the underhive, this heavily-armoured construct is equipped with larger-than-life Enforcer weapons, including concussion cannons, heavy shock batons, and an impressive arsenal of five different types of grenades.

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But that's not all, folks. The Lawtomata is not just a walking armory, it's also a self-repairing mobile bulwark that provides full cover for any of its squad mates cowering behind it. Move over Adeptus Arbites, because the Hellwar family has found a new way to enforce their will in the underhive.

Get ready to face off against the toughest of foes, as the Lawtomata and its Hellwar handlers enter the fray. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new addition to the Necromunda universe.

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Its design is reminiscent of the classic GW style of models, with a rough, industrial look that emphasizes its brute strength and clumsiness. The model's bulky size and weight give it an imposing presence on the battlefield, while its design elements give it a sense of character and personality.

Overall, the Lawtomata is a great addition to the Necromunda universe and a must-have for fans of the game.