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Regiment of Renow : Free Rules for regiment of Renowm.

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Hello everyone !!!

Regiments of Renown are a beloved feature from the old Warhammer Battle era, where they offered players the chance to field unique and powerful units in their armies. These units had their own names, backgrounds, and special abilities, making them a popular choice for players looking to add some extra flavor to their games.

With the recent release of Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop has brought back Regiments of Renown, giving players a chance to use these iconic units in their battles once again. While there are no new models specifically designed for these units, Games Workshop has released a series of battleforces that contain the necessary models to create each Regiment of Renown.

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While it's unfortunate that there are no new models specifically designed for Regiments of Renown, the battleforces that Games Workshop has released still offer plenty of options for players looking to create these unique units. With some creativity and skillful painting, you can easily convert your regular models into the distinctive and powerful units that make up the Regiments of Renown.

One of the best things about Regiments of Renown is that the rules for these units are completely free to download from the Games Workshop website. This means that players can easily access the rules for these units and incorporate them into their games without having to spend any
extra money.

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Finally, Regiments of Renown offer a fun and exciting way to add some extra depth and personality to your Age of Sigmar games. With their unique abilities and storied histories, these units can provide a real challenge for your opponents and make your battles even more memorable. Whether you're a longtime fan of Warhammer Battle or a new player just getting into Age of Sigmar, Regiments of Renown are definitely worth exploring.

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Sad there are no new models, still fun free rules are nice !

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