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French Wargame Day: A Thrilling Warhammer Experience at the Heart of France

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Bonjour, fellow Warhammer enthusiasts!

I'm currently attending the French Wargame Day, a mega Warhammer convention organized by Heavy from the French Wargame YouTube channel. As a participant in the 2v2 competitive event, I'm excited to share my experiences from Day 1 and my anticipation for the games to come.

The competition has been fierce, and I'm thrilled to report that my teammate and I have secured two victories in our first two games! As we head into Day 2, we're eager to continue our winning streak and face new challenges on the battlefield. The event has been nothing short of amazing, with approximately 1500 players coming together to celebrate our shared passion for all things Warhammer.

Throughout the day, we've had the pleasure of playing against four exceptional players who also happen to be wonderful human beings. These exciting matchups have provided us with the opportunity to not only test our skills and strategies but also to connect with fellow Warhammer fans and even discover that we were living 2 km away from each others ^^ (after traveling 400km to the event ^^)

Looking Forward to Day 2

As we gear up for the final day of the French Wargame Day, we can't wait to dive into two more thrilling games and see how our 2v2 team fares in the overall standings. Right now we are 16 overall (over 150 teams ^^)

/Bob :D