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Warhammer 40,000 10th Edition: A Comprehensive Overhaul for a New Era of Gaming

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Hello everyone !!

The 10th edition is upon us, and it brings a complete rework of the current ruleset. This new edition not only breathes fresh life into the game but also aims to make it more accessible and enjoyable for both veterans and newcomers. In this post, we'll delve into the key changes and updates you can expect from the 10th edition of Warhammer 40k.

A Complete Ruleset Rework

The 10th edition represents a full overhaul of the existing ruleset, with significant updates and revisions aimed at improving the overall gaming experience. This ambitious rework will have a substantial impact on how we play Warhammer 40k moving forward.

Rewritten Datasheets and Invalidated Codexes

All datasheets have been rewritten, which means that all previous codexes are now invalidated. This major change allows for a clean slate, giving players the opportunity to explore new strategies and tactics in the 10th edition. It's funny they admitted the bloat is too great to be kept when they the ones that sold us all these books ^^

Free Rules and Codex Access

In a move to make the game more accessible, all 10th edition rules and codexes will be available for free in PDF format at the start of the edition. This generous gesture will allow players to easily access and familiarize themselves with the updated ruleset. The gesture will only last the time we get new codex thought.

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Concise Army Rules

Each army's rules will now be condensed into a maximum of 2 pages, streamlining gameplay and making it easier for players to reference their factions' specific abilities and traits during battle.

Battalions as Subfactions

The introduction of battalions as sub-factions within each army provides players with access to unique stratagems, items, and general traits. This adds an additional layer of customization and strategic depth to army building and gameplay. Will see if it not get out of hand quickly

Objective Secured (ObSec) Rules for Models

Every model will now have an ObSec value, representing the number of models it counts as when controlling an objective. This new rule adds a tactical element to objective-based gameplay, as players must now consider each model's ObSec value when vying for control.

Revised Morale Mechanics

Morale checks have been revamped, now requiring players to roll 2d6 and beat a predetermined score (e.g., 6+ for Space Marines). Don't have many details for now !

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Enhanced Weapon Stats

Weapons in the 10th edition will now include details such as the number of attacks, strength, hit, AP, and damage. This comprehensive approach to weapon stats provides players with a clearer understanding of their units' capabilities and the impact of their weapon choices on gameplay. it's very close of the AOS system and allow to change the precision of a weapon easily. Very good change !

Demo at Warhammer Fest:

To showcase the exciting updates and improvements coming with the 10th edition, Games Workshop will be demoing the game at the upcoming Warhammer Fest. Be sure to check it out and get a firsthand glimpse of the future of Warhammer 40,000!


The 10th edition of Warhammer 40,000 is set to soft reboot the game, bringing significant changes and updates that will redefine the way we play. From the complete rework of the datasheets to the introduction of new mechanics, this ambitious edition is poised to usher in a new era of Warhammer 40k gaming. really hope they get it right this time !