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Warhammer rumour : probably idoneth

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Thumb tentacle

Hello everyone !!

The latest Warhammer Rumour Engine is here, and this week's zoomed-in image features a tentacle. In this post, we'll discuss the possibilities surrounding this mysterious tease and whether it could be related to the Idoneth Deepkin.

Idoneth Deepkin Connection?

The tentacle in the Rumour Engine seems to resemble the style of the Idoneth Deepkin. This raises the question of whether we can expect new models or expansions for this aquatic faction, although there's no concrete information to confirm this yet.

Potential Warhammer Underworlds or Warcry Tie-in?

Given that there aren't any known plans for major Idoneth Deepkin releases at the moment, the tentacle is probably linked to Warhammer Underworlds or Warcry. Both games are known for their distinctive warbands and models, which makes them possible candidates for an unexpected Idoneth-themed addition.

What do you think ?