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Bloodbowl : Grashnak Blackhoof new resin model for bloodbowl !

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Hello everyone !!!

I am back from Egypt !! sorry for the lack of news but the last week i was in the south (near abu simbel) so i did not have much internet.

Today, we're talking about a returning legend who's striding back onto the pitch with a brand-new look: Grashnak Blackhoof.

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This imposing Minotaur star player has been a crowd favourite since the early days of Blood Bowl (third edition). It's fantastic to see such a well-loved character finally getting a new model to truly capture his intimidating presence.

Although the model is made of resin, I must say, it looks impressive. True to Grashnak's reputation, the model is bulky and massive, reflecting the raw power that this star player brings to any team lucky enough to recruit him.

warhammer rumour

It's always a thrill to see classic characters given new life, and Grashnak Blackhoof's updated model is no exception. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the game, this is one star player you won't want to miss!