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Warhammer 40000 : Leviathan Box is coming !

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Hello, Warhammer enthusiasts!

We've got some exhilarating news for you: the much-awaited Leviathan Box pre-order will be launching next weekend! This moment, steeped in anticipation, is finally upon us.

Given the experiences with online queues and buying limits in the past, Games Workshop has implemented a restriction of one box per buyer for this release. This move should help alleviate some of the concerns about scalpers, who've unfortunately marred the experience of past box releases.

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Furthermore, sources suggest that the production run for the Leviathan Box is considerably large – supposedly, even surpassing that of the Necron vs. Marines box. This increase in availability might help ensure that a greater number of fans will be able to own this remarkable piece of the Warhammer universe.

Still, I understand the reservations that many of you may have. Past experiences of stocks running out in no time are not easily forgotten. Like you, I hope that the pre-order process this time will be smooth and everyone will have a fair chance to secure a box.

note the pre order time :

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Let's stay optimistic and look forward to a fair and successful pre-order event next weekend. Fingers crossed that the Leviathan Box release won't be a repetition of the past.