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Tyrannids in 10th Edition: A First Glance

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Hello everyone !!

Games Workshop is taking the 40K community by storm with the imminent arrival of the 10th Edition. But even before its official release, they've provided us with a sneak peek into what awaits the Tyranids in the upcoming era. Although devoid of points values as of yet, the datasheets offer a unique insight into the evolution of this fan-favorite faction.

Interestingly, the first thing to note is the absence of Forgeworld units, suggesting a more streamlined experience for Tyranids players. However, this omission has left many eagerly anticipating what might fill the void.

tyrannids squad leader

The next revelation is the expanded squad leader options. While the specifics of adding these leaders aren't explicitly outlined in the datasheets, it's reasonable to assume that we might see them linked to heroes or other similar units. Watch this space for further updates on this topic as they emerge.

tyrannids points

The promised points values are due to be released in an extensive PDF. While this may be an unconventional approach, it does suggest that Games Workshop is taking a thoroughly thought-out approach to balancing in this new edition, perhaps anticipating revisions as players get to grips with the new system.


Finally, it's worth noting a few areas where clarity is needed. For instance, the Tyrannofex's rule of reducing damage to 0 raises questions. Is this meant to imply complete invulnerability to dmg1 weapon ?, or is it more likely to involve a damage mitigation mechanic? Further clarification is undoubtedly on the horizon.

tyrannids datasheets

In summary, this preview has given us much to anticipate, even as we continue to speculate. While there are still many details to be unveiled, it's clear that the 10th Edition promises significant changes and a fresh, exciting experience for Tyranids players. Be sure to stay tuned for further updates as they're released.