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Leviathan pre-orders have started !

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Greetings to all!

The pre-order period has just kicked off! Here's the current situation:

We're looking at a one-hour queue time over at GW.
Element Game is facing a crash, stay tuned!
Wayland is experiencing some backend issues when trying to add items to your cart. (but i managed to order one here)
(Note: I haven't gotten around to checking other sites yet.)

Don't hesitate to share your pre-order experiences in the comments!

Edit , look like the enormous amount of Leviathan was a lie to deter Scalper in the end ^^

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My local shop report the same stuff less than half Leviathan box ordered will be delivered in the end

A few advices ^^

  • Patience is Key: High-demand pre-orders can often lead to websites crashing or queue times. Be prepared for this and have patience.

  • Refresh Intelligently: If you're in a queue, resist the temptation to constantly refresh the page as this might put you at the back of the line again. If the website crashes, however, try refreshing your browser.

  • Have Multiple Devices Ready: Sometimes, using different devices (like a computer and a smartphone) or different browsers can help, as some might work better than others.

  • Try Smaller Retailers: Everyone rushes to the big-name retailers first. Don't forget about smaller, local game shops or lesser-known websites - they may have fewer people trying to pre-order through them.

  • Check Back Later: If the website is having serious issues, take a break and check back in a bit. The initial rush might have subsided, making the process smoother.

  • Prepare Your Account Ahead of Time: If you know a big pre-order day is coming up, make sure your account is ready to go. That means making sure your shipping and payment information is up to date. This can save you precious time during checkout.