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Warhammer Rumour of the week :

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Warhammer Rumour of the Week: An Impaled Squelly?

This week's Warhammer rumour mill is spinning at full speed with a zoomed-in snapshot of a squelly (or skeletal figure) impaled on what appears to be a worn-out spear. The immediate ambiance given off by this teaser leans towards the fantastical realms of Age of Sigmar.

Given the gruesome and macabre nature of the hint, it aligns well with the aesthetic of the Flesh-Eater Courts. The squelly could very well be a detail found on a base or even a decorative element on a mount, adding more narrative to the miniatures.

As always with these teasers, the true nature remains shrouded in mystery until the grand reveal, but for now, speculations run wild, and the Flesh-Eater Courts connection seems a plausible guess.

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