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Next Week Pre Oders are IronJawz and new Troll King !

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Exciting Pre-orders for Age of Sigmar Next Week

Age of Sigmar fans have much to look forward to next week with an exhilarating line-up of pre-orders. From Ironjawz reinforcements to the formidable Troll King, the world of Warhammer is set to be invigorated with fresh lore and miniatures.

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Dawnbringers: Book II – Reign of the Brute

The Dawnbringers saga continues, introducing narratives and rules for four new Armies of Renown. Dive deep into the lore of trolls and discover updated rulesets for the Ironjawz.

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Trugg’s Great Troggherd

Begin your troggoth army with this comprehensive set. Featuring the king himself accompanied by six Rockgut Troggoths, this set is essential for fans. However, GW's decision to exclusively include the king in this set, rather than selling him separately, is a contentious one.

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A new goblin hero takes the stage, bringing with him a musical-themed support role.

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Battletome Supplement: Ironjawz

Although the Ironjawz rules are available in the new Dawnbringers book, a free PDF download provides another means of access. From Ardboys and their fresh weapon choices to the mighty Tuskboss on Maw-grunta, everything you need is here.

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Tuskboss on Maw-grunta

The long-awaited Tuskboss arrives in grand style. As a formidable leader for Ironjawz armies, the Tuskboss brings with him the potential for more Maw-gruntas as Battleline choices. Moreover, this versatile kit offers additional Maw-grunta variants, enriching the Ironjawz lineup.

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Ardboy Big Boss

Marching into battle with unmatched zeal, the Ardboy Big Boss exemplifies orruk leadership with a blend of brute strength and commanding presence.

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Orruk Ardboys

A crucial component of the Ironjawz Waaagh, the revamped Orruk Ardboys kit is a sight to behold. With options to arm all ten figures with spears and shields, this kit not only looks magnificent but hints at an enhanced role in gameplay.

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Weirdbrute Wrekkaz & Brute Ragerz

These elite orruk infantry units, available in sets of three, are set to make an impact. Their dual kit and adaptability for group cohesion make them a valuable addition to any Ironjawz force.

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Zoggrok Anvilsmasha

Together with the delightful squigAnvil, Zoggrok Anvilsmasha brings diversity to the battlefield. While his named presence is a welcome sight, a generic version would have been a pleasant addition.

In conclusion, the Ironjawz army is gearing up for a transformative phase, with eight new additions and a revamped Ardboy unit. This enriches their existing roster, making them a force to be reckoned with in the Age of Sigmar universe.