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Ironjaws Second Wave: A Deeper Dive into the New Battletome

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Hello everyone !!

In an exciting move, Games Workshop has rolled out a free Age of Sigmar battletome for the much-anticipated second wave of the Ironjaws. The stars of the release? The colossal Maw Gruntas, which are essentially gruntas but upsized to a fearsome degree.

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A standout feature in this release is the introduction of the "Momentum" mechanism. It adds a dynamic touch to the gameplay; Maw Grunta units gain 1d3 momentum when running or charging, but lose 1 at the end of each turn. Reach 6 momentum and watch your units turn into absolute powerhouses on the battlefield.

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warhammer rumour

The revamped Ardboy warscroll is especially noteworthy, priced at 220pt for a set of 10. They might seem hefty in terms of points, but their capabilities certainly justify the cost 2w and 3+save. Also the Shield Bash attack, in particular, packs a punch, with a roll of 6+ inflicting 1 mortal wound post-fight. And when in proximity to the new Ardboy Big Boss, this potent move is further buffed, reducing the required roll to a 5+ within a 12'' aura.

While the new named character might not have met everyone's expectations, it's evident that the release offers a range of dynamic units that can reshape the Ironjaws' playstyle. The Ragerz and Wreakz, for instance, might not be groundbreaking, but the Ragerz's Crusha attack, which delivers 3 mortal wounds on a 6, is a welcomed addition, providing the Ironjaws with a weapon they previously lacked.

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The Army of Renown, though still under scrutiny regarding its usability beyond narrative play, offers a tactical advantage by preserving momentum in the early stages of a battle.

Games Workshop's decision to offer this battletome for free is undoubtedly commendable, proving once again their commitment to the gaming community.

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