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AOS Battlescroll Update: Balance Patch Highlights

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Age of Sigmar fans, take note! The new Battlescroll is out, and it brings a host of changes aimed at creating a more balanced and fair gameplay experience.

  • Ossiarch Bonereapers: A nerf has been implemented for the resurrection abilities tied to the Stalkers and the Immortis.

  • Soulblight Gravelords (SBGL): There's a noticeable point increase concerning the zombies and related units.

  • Realm Spell: The dynamics of the spell have been altered. Now, you can't teleport and cast simultaneously.

  • Krondspine's Interaction with Spells: This interaction has been toned down as well. Importantly, it can now only target enemy Incarnates. This change effectively prevents players from devising tactics that involve sacrificing their own Incarnate.

For a comprehensive look at all the changes and tweaks, you can find the updated Battlescroll here. Don't forget to navigate to the 'faq AOS' section for a detailed FAQ.

These adjustments, spread across various aspects and armies of the game, showcase Games Workshop's commitment to refining and improving Age of Sigmar's gameplay mechanics.

IMHO : When i see the leviadon going to 400 (it started at 500) it's obvious that gw need to use a Math formula for cost calculation. Also the apparition of new battletactics is worrying i think we should all play with only the GHB one and balance army from there ....

What do you think ?