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Three ways to play - what we know about the "organized" stuff!

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Howdy Guys and Girls - what we know so far:

- GW is working with tournament organizers to get the stuff right
- There will be points
- There will be unit categories similiar to 40k, Leaders, Battle Line Units, Behemoths and Warmachines (working titles).
- You build your army similiar to 40k now, so you have Battalions and some kind of FoC, depeneding on the points size of your army
- Core Rules + FAQ's stay the same.
- Books are not invalidated
- All warscrolls get points, even Tombkings/Squattonia
- Basically it's Unbound, Story Mode and Tournament Mode

- Open play is basically Unbound or Apocalypse, including rules for multi player battles

- Narrative Play will give you campaign rules similiar to FW's Imperial Armour/HH Campaigns

What do you think so far?

Edit :
- 5 Campaign in the book with a story arc for each. (path to glory included)
- 22 batte plan (small to very big)
- Must have book
- Rules for multiplayer games
- ppl from the podcast playtested the game.
- 2000 points = 2.5hours battle.

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