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BloodBowl image !!! (warhammer fest)

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Morning !!!

Here come the first BloodBowl pics from warhammer fest !!

from john @bbunnies

Well I've just talked to Andy Hoare and I am really impressed with what I've heard.
Double sided team themed pitches and dugouts.
The initial six teams will be Humans and Orcs, Dwarves and Skaven, Elves and Nurgle.
Nurgle are thought of as a more interesting take on the Chaos team.
Maybe they will be less one dimensional.
They are looking at plastic and resin kits.
Cheerleaders and chefs and other peripheral staff will become available.
I saw a pack of random events cards in a display cabinet. See pic.
They were talking about weekly Blood Bowl gaming events in stores. Not just GW stores. Creating a national tournament with results in a database, thus will be worldwide. Every 8 weeks these results will be put in a database and at the end of the year a final will be held where all the top scorers from around the world will be invited to play in a championship. All of these games will be played as if it was the first game of a tournament, so there is no advancement between games. Which i personally think is awesome. The main reason for this is they feel the bookkeeping would be a nightmare if they were worrying about differing TVs between teams.
League rules will be supplied, possibly not in the initial box. So you CAN advance in your own league.
I saw some plastic counters for rerolls and turn counters. The reroll will work as a score scale so you only need one counter per team.
The teams will be supplied in boxes in stores with 12 figures in a box.
They will support it as long as an interest is shown.
I can't wait.


The new Pitch ?
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Or this ?
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