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Anyone still hyped about Tzeentch? Yes? Great. Here some snippets to avoid all possible confusions:

- Forgeworld will do the Prospero Magnus. In resin. Around Fall, for the Inferno release (as I think Russ may be ready for sale for the next Open Day). There are no "problems", Simon Egan just was afraid of both the horns on his chest and his face. He will be the largest Primarch. And of course FW will continue to produce the 30k Primarchs.

- GW will use the Daemon Primarchs for their ongoing storyline. Because that's the things that "are more interesting". You can use them for both 30k and 40k games, more people buy plastic models than resin. Magnus is finished. But please don't expect all 5/6 Daemon Primarchs tomorrow lol.

- GW already did them (Angron, Mortarion, Magnus and Fulgrim) in EPIC. They all work as large focus models for their respective Cults.

- I wouldn't expect this stuff before the Summer is over. Relax, enjoy your Sylvaneth and play some games using your Handbook.

- Tzeentch Arcanites, Thousand Sons, Daemons of Tzeentch. #YearOfTzeentch (btw, don't take the year as year but more as ~12 months lol). Also, these aren't next in line, so again, don't expect this tomorrow ...

Last but not least, a quote from Sad Panda that summs it quite up

"Remember it is still a few months out, especially the 40K stuff.

There are a lot of things in the pipeline before it. Deathwatch for example."

So, let's chill and enjoy our summer =)

Lady Atia