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Hello everyone !!

Community post is different this because it's about a special offer !!

The good guys from granted us a discount code for a Deathwing Terminators !
It's a Gigantic 70cm Statue of a Terminator with a Plasma Canon it's awesome !!

Details :

Product Details::
License: Games Workshop
Scale: 1:4 Scale Statue
Manufacturer: Silver Fox Collectibles
Sculptor: Silver Fox Design Team
Product Size: 29" H (736.6mm) x 26" W (812.8mm) x 24" L (609.6mm)*
Product Weight: 77.16 lbs (35 kg)*
Product Sku: SFXXX0001
UPC: 747720217867

Product include :

Product Includes;
1 x Interchangeable Helmet (LED's)
1 x Interchangeable Humanoid Head (LED)
1 x Excl Battle Damaged Head (LED's)
1 x Plasma Cannon.
1x Space Hulk Art Print
Certificate of Authenticity

The Discount is Quite significant !! thx a lot Silverfox ^^

So dear readers if you want to buy a giant Deathwing terminator it's the time to do it !

SilverFox Collectibles shop

Code is :